What will I choose, Private Internet Access or HideMyAss?

A variety of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services have cropped up all over the internet, and two of the best vpn service and proxy servers are Private Internet Access and HideMyAss.

My company uses VPN to keep our information secure while our professionals travel to client offices. We have to do a lot of work from laptops at remote locations, and since our clients trust us with their data, we keep up on which VPN services offer the most reliable features. We’ve tried both Private Internet Access and HideMyAss, and I would suggest either service provider to companies interested in keeping their online data secure.

piaPrivate Internet Access is one of the lower cost VPN providers, which is a plus for businesses just starting out. They are based in the US, and among their best features are that they keep no logs of your online activities and they provide super-fast service. They provide multiple layers of security, including IP cloaking, encryption, and firewalls. We have used their services both on our company laptops and smartphones, and they provided security to all applications (find out more information).

hidemyass1HideMyAss is moderately priced and based in the UK. They’re an easy to use and easy to like provider. And, let’s be honest, the name makes me grin. One of the biggest advantages of HideMyAss is their huge number of servers in various countries, which provide plenty of anonymous IP locations. Also, this mass of servers allows us to find the fastest server for our connection. They offer a variety of online security services, and their Pro VPN can be used for all computer applications that connect to the internet.

Both services allowed us to securely transfer data from our clients with no worries about a third party intercepting private information. Private Internet Access vs. HideMyAss, test them out and decide which you prefer. Additionally, I would also suggest that you used a cloud backup service like I did incase of file mishaps. Look at this site review of the cloud backup service “mypcbackup”.  There you have it, hope it helps!

Cloud Backup Services : A Life Saver!

cloud-backupCloud backup services are a life saver! It’s a service you don’t appreciate until you feel the dread felt when a piece of hardware fails. I made the now brilliant decision of signing up for a cloud storage immediately after purchasing my new computer. Being a Mac, I needed to find a provider that offered Mac backup and for a more efficient service a secure VPN provider is important i.e. hidemyass – find more about it here. After minimal research, I arrived at just cloud, which I felt met all my needs. It was free, easy to set up, offered me universal access to my data, and was compatible with my computer.

setup-nas-backup-nycNow, I can’t express how thankful I am to have done so and this is also made possible with my VPN service provider like ipvanish vpn service. Years of files and thousands of photos cannot be replaced. Hours and hours of music would be time consuming to find. Worst of all was the copies of my thesis! Countless hours put into it only to be lost in seconds. Cloud backup services save all these files in a convenient and safe location. These files are backed up multiple times, ensuring if anything does go wrong, they are easily accessed. And it’s not just hardware failure cloud storage protects; it’s also theft or simply carelessness. USB drives are easy to misplace since they are about the size of your thumb so don’t just back up hard drives, but also any external storage devices.

Cloud storage is something that is easily overlooked because when the hardware is working, it is convenient to simply put off investing in it and for your VPN service provider, just make sure it is a secure provider, you can visit this site http://www.vpnmag.fr/t/meilleur-vpn-pour-contourner-hadopi/ for some informations. Mark my words though, hardware is bound to fail sooner or later and when it does, it usually chooses the worst time to do so! Whether it’s in the middle of tax season or near the end of writing a thesis, when it happens, I hope all that data is backed up! When you realize it is, it’s a wonderful feeling.